Diagnostic Trouble Code Library

Use this page to quickly define your retrieved Generic and Manufacturer specific DTCs. 

NOTE: EOBD is a new and evolving system, and new codes and definitions will be added as the system matures. Our database is constantly being updated to include more code definitions for vehicles distributed in Europe. Always consult your vehicle's service manual for code definitions not included here or continue to check this site as we upload more code definitions. 


Enter your five digit Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) and select vehicle below then click GO:

Select Vehicle (Example: P0300)

IMPORTANT: Retrieving and utilizing Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s) for troubleshooting vehicle operation is only one part of an overall diagnostic strategy. Never replace a part based only on the Diagnostic Trouble Code Definition. Always consult the vehicle’s service manual for more detailed testing instructions. Each DTC has a set of testing procedures, instructions and flow charts that must be followed to confirm the exact location of the problem. This type of information is found in the vehicle’s service manual.



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